Focus group

1) Bullying Intervention focus group – Why have a bullying intervention focus group?  What can the group achieve together?  Who should be part of this group?   Focus Group BIG Guide

Policy image3

2) Bullying Intervention Policy Review your anti-bullying policy using our BIG policy guide checklist tool  before you submit it by email to us when you are ready to be assessed.
New advice for schools submitting their portfolio and policy for the BIG Award

Staff training

3) Staff Training – the BIG Guide – Why training is important and what might be included in staff training – Staff Training BIG Guide  BIG Award can offer a range of training options.
Remember to keep updated on Ofsted changes

Parents image

4) Involve Parents –  enlist parents as your partners in anti-bullying work  – Working with Parents and carers BIG Guide  also you may wish to write to parents/carers to tell them about the award – Template Letter to Parents/Carers


5) Peer Support – how to run a successful Peer Support/Peer Mentoring Scheme – Peer Support BIG Guide.  BIG Award  offers a Level 2 Certificate in Anti-bullying mentoring by young people. To enquire about the course, contact us.

Awareness raising

6) Awareness Raising – new children each year and new forms of bullying mean that raising awareness is an ongoing activity- Awareness Raising BIG Guide A school where bullying is openly discussed gives learners reassurance.



7) Recording, Monitoring and Consulting. Use several methods of consulting children and young people – reflect and consider what their answers and the data tell you. Your records of incidents, absentees and survey data can help you adjust your action plan and review your policy.


Free use of our online surveys for members!
Have your pupils respond online then receive your data. Check how effective your school is by comparing your results with our briefings. Know whether your latest intervention is effective!

Surveys are ready to go – you will not have to create them. We have tested them and used them extensively. Collated data gathered from these surveys is used to provide trends to members.

Conditions of use – online surveys are free to member schools and services.

Once your school has completed an online survey, we send you the results. No other school can see your data. The survey is encrypted and secure.

We use the data (anonymised) regularly to publish briefings.