General Resources for Key stage 3,4 & 5

Leadership and Management

Key documents for you to have at hand:
Preventing and tackling bullying DfE
Keeping  children safe in education 2016
The Prevent Duty
Equality Act 2010, Guidance
Update your AUP
download pdf
Serious Incident Protocol
download pdf

Sample Incident Recording Form
Values and Rights,  unite your tutor group or form.

Is it a case of bullying? Assessing a case.
Download checklist


to enable young people to report a problem. Give a young person a chance to take action, just when they are feeling powerless. This is the first step towards getting a problem sorted out. Use our cards or develop your own with your students.

Sexting – Guidance for schools and colleges

New national guidance for schools and colleges on how to respond to sexting from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. UKCCIS is a partnership that includes the DfE, CEOP, Childnet, UK Safer Internet Centre and NSPCC amongst others. Download here:


Advice on cyberbullying

Internet Matters, in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Alliance have developed new online guidance about cyberbullying for parents and carers. Go to: 

Anti-Bullying Week packs from BIG Award

Resources for Anti-Bullying week

Anti-Bullying Week 2016  Resources

Anti-Bullying Week 2015 Resources

Anti-Bullying Week 2014  Resources

Anti-Bullying Week 2013 Resources

Safer Internet Day

Lots to do and try!

Try our lively Cyberdude quiz with music and sound effects! Based on the old format you all love so much, originally Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – we have now created a new version for SID 2015. Download a version for older students: Here

Quick Quiz, True or False.
Download pdf
Quick Quiz, Could I be a Cyberbully?
Download pdf

Workshop ideas: How do I know the website is secure?
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Is it OK to…? Challenge our online behaviour
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Unsure whether to block and lock or to teach using facebook? Read Report 


Posters and displays

1.WHAT IS BULLYING? Display sheet

2.Think about and CHALLENGE RACIST CHANTS at football. Display sheet and groupwork. Video link given.

3.What did you do for EQUALITY today? Poster

Equality Matters

• Equality matters for children is a microsite created by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England. They provide a wealth of information and resources for children and young people on equality rights, including:

• A guide to the Equality Act for children and young people

• A measure of respect for how society should respect children and young people (created by children and young people).

• The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a version of the UNCRC for young people is a vital document for every young person.

Issues of consent: A useful teaching guide, Disrespect no Body  from the PSHE Association who have also developed a proposed modernised PSHE guidance relevant to today’s world and social media.

Issues of consent: A useful teaching resource from Hampshire Police
Visit our page on girl bullying to learn more about the particular, subtle forms of bullying often hidden from the naked eye.
Visit our page on homophobic bullying.


Group discussion on racism in sport
Key stage 3. Use this sheet to kick off a discussion, then show the short film and complete the session by asking for a list of actions people propose.

Assembly on appearance; How do I look?

Follow up by creating a collage or artwork from magazine images that illustrate pressure to look a particular way. Use critical thinking to analyse images.

Group discussion or assembly: Is this word OK?
Challenge hurtful language

Groupwork: Inspirational wordsfocus on pro-social behaviour instead of bullying with these quotes from a range of inspiring people.


Hate Crime resources from the CPS

Hate Crime set

Homophobic set

Disability set

Race and religion set

There are signed and subtitled versions of the presentations.