We aim to:

  • Prevent and reduce bullying
  • Recognise and reward effective bullying intervention practice
  • Make communities safer and more accessible to all

How will we achieve this?

We offer a national Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) Award for schools, colleges and community organisations.

Members can use proven anti-bullying resources, attend training, receive regular research and news updates to improve their practice. for sale.

This scheme will help you work in a consistent way and provides transferable skills for teachers and practitioners. For parents and pupils it will provide the reassurance that your school, group or service takes children’s emotional and personal safety seriously. The portfolios of evidence developed by members will be judged by local panels based on our criteria and some visits will be made to services and schools.

We hope that through this process, schools, colleges and community organisations will be encouraged to share good practice, keep up to date with bullying trends and policies and make their anti-bullying policies come to life. Why not share what works with others via our Big Ideas service? Display the anti-bullying work of your young people or raise an issue of concern with us and we will ask for views on this.

At BIG we watch and report on trends, while providing you with online surveys to use. We emphasise the involvement of children and young people. Together we will work to improve the quality of life for vulnerable children who are bullied.

Upon joining, schools, colleges and community organisations begin work on fulfilling the criteria necessary to gain the BIG Award. They are provided with a portfolio template and an online library of resources and tools. Various training sessions and support will be available throughout the year.

Register with BIG Award to improve your practice and get the latest updates in the sector.

Be inspired by fellow schools.

Join a community that cares about the wellbeing of children.