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Prosecutors plan crackdown on internet abuse.
Children sexting will need to be carefully assessed. 10th October 2016. New recommendations from the CPS which opens consultations on new guidelines.

Girls more likely to be depressed than boys says new report on wellbeing.
There is an increase of  difficulties among year 10 girls and evidence of high rates among highly educated and advantaged families. This is data from a longitudinal study. Read the REPORT HERE  or  TES article HERE  Guardian article HERE   August 22nd 2016

What works? Effective schools make inroads into bullying.

New report from BIG Award shows pupils’ views on practice and the remarkable difference it makes. The impact on prejudice driven behaviour is particularly marked. Download pdf

Bullying and mental health: new findings by ABA 16.11.15 More
44% of those who had been bullied said it affected their mental health.

CEOP on the trends in sexting. 11.11.15 More

Are some people more vulnerable to being bullied? This is part 2 of a 3 part blog/interview with Adrienne Katz of BIG by Teach.Com.. 10.11.15

17 year old boy jailed for snapchat blackmail. The Telegraph, 10.11.15. More

Safeguarding in schools, guest blog by Adrienne Katz for Osiris Educational

DfE appoints Natasha Devon as schools’ mental health champion. 30th August 2015

The government is investing in mental health in schools says minister Sam Gyimah Read more 

Girls of all ages are experiencing problems with their mental well-being say Girl Guides and cyberbullying is one of the pressures August 24th 2015

Of most concern this year is the fact that two in five girls aged 11 to 21 say they have personally needed help with their mental health (37%). This increases with age – among 11- to 16-year-olds the figure is 28%, but among those aged 17 to 21 it is nearly half (46%). Girls’ health and well-being concerns have changed dramatically over the last five years. 

Girls feel adults often fail to keep pace with new threats to girls’ well-being 82% of girls aged 11 to 21 say adults don’t recognise the pressure they are under. While girls aged 13 – 21 say mental health issues, cyber-bullying and getting a job are the top overall concerns facing young people today, they think their parents’ biggest concerns remain drug use, alcohol and smoking.

Read more from Girl Guiding and The Guardian

Children in England are found to be among the unhappiest in many countries, bullying is cited as one of the causes. 21st August 2015

Research by The Children’s Society found that, in relation to 30 different aspects of life, 10- and 12-year-old children in England are unhappier than those in 11 other countries including rolex submariner replica Uganda, Ethiopia and Algeria. English children only fared better than children in Germany, South Korea and Estonia in the 15-country study – The Good Childhood Report 2015. – See more in this article from CYP Now or read the report summary. Story in The Guardian


Smartphones overtake laptops and computers for time spent online. 

The rise in smartphone surfing is measured by OfCom in their latest report. 6th August 2015

Nine in every ten 16-24 year olds uses their smartphone to take photos, 1.2 billion selfies were taken in the UK last year. Around half of young people check their mobiles within five minutes of waking up. Nearly six in ten young people (57%) regularly watch on demand and catch-up TV on their laptop or PC. Almost half (45%) watch on a smartphone and four in ten (40%) switch on a set-top box. 2014 saw the biggest increase in time spent online in a decade. Read More

New initative for online rights for children brings industry and government together to make children safer online, 
iRights calls for:

  • iRights include the ability to remove web content young people have created about themselves
  • A right to digital literacy and to know how data collected about them is used
  • Endorses technical support for children to set limits on their digital activities
  • Research finds young people are increasingly worried about their digital legacy and addiction

Companies are asked to  support iRights and deliver these rights. 30th July 2015

Ministers from DfE and DOH unite to call for more peer support.
July 6th: Introducing peer-to-peer support networks in schools will form part of government efforts to improve the mental health of young people, it has emerged after evidence to a select committee. – See more at: CYPnow
Sam Gymiah is committed to working on mental health in schools.

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BLOG April 2017: The ‘push and pull’ of bullying: why it is so important and how to be effective. Download pdf

from January 2017: BIG partners with Education Group to deliver new Virtual Reality anti-bullying workshops.

Racist bullying more common than cyberbullying at start of secondary school.

The BIG Award secondary survey found 11-12 year olds are twice as likely to experience racist bullying than to be cyberbullied, however by the mid teens, racist bullying has remained high but as this age is the peak age for cyberbullying, both are experience  by about one in five students. PRESS RELEASE 5.9.16

December 2015

Strathesk Primary School Mid-Lothian, is the first school in Scotland to achieve the BIG Award.

A lot of exciting and innovative work has been undertaken on this journey, ably led by Sharon Smith, congratulations to you all!

Auton Villa Newcastle has achieved the BIG Award for excellence in a care setting.
Auton Villa is part of St Cuthbert’s Care.  Congratulations to Rob Birkbeck and the team. We particularly liked their description of what they call ‘Contagious bullying’ – they have an excellent understanding of the complex pressures  on young people who might be pressured to join in with bullying someone.

November 2015
It was great to meet so many of our members at our annual conference held in London. Each year we alternate the venue so we  hope to see you next year!

Dr Aiman El Asam, research fellow at Kingston University has offered to help us with analysis of our data, Expect more vital evidence from our databank and new research in coming months.

BIG Award was represented at the Bullying Round Table at the DfE by Adrienne Katz. The event was hosted by Edward Timpson MP, Minister of State for Children and Families.

BIG Award attended the reception at Speakers’ House during Anti-Bullying Week organised by Anti-Bullying Alliance and Young Minds. New guidelines on bullying for GPs were launched.

BIG Award attended the launch of longitudinal studies looking at the impact of bullying in later life.