LEVEL 4 Certificate in
Anti-Bullying Mentoring
of Young People

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We are proud to offer this accredited course for all those working in pastoral roles, to reduce bullying and the pain of being victimised, among young people. Completed as distance learning  at your own pace with full feedback.
Undertake this course in your own time and send us your written work and reflections for assessment.
This is the first course of its kind. Build on your professional skills and improve your knowledge and your CV with an accredited Level 4 equivalent course licenced by NCFE.

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Candidates who have completed the course:
‘I feel that I have to state how much I enjoyed participating in this well constructed course. Each profile was sufficiently thought provoking and stimulating and led seamlessly into the following Profile. I felt totally supported throughout the course.

The course has increased my both my knowledge, and my competence to address a Bullying scenario, involving children and young people.
I am waiting in anticipation of the next Certified Course…

Bev Channon, the first person to complete the course.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete it – it taught me a great deal, particularly in terms of how to tackle issues of bullying amongst girls and cyberbullying and e-safety.’

Jaime Theakston
Tudhoe Colliery Primary School


LEVEL 2 Certificate in
Anti-Bullying Mentoring
By Young People

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Your peer mentors can achieve recognition for their work. Distance learning training packs allow pupils to learn at their own pace while supervised by you. Their work is assessed and feedback given by our assessors. Their practical work as a mentor assists them.
This course gives students a valuable certificate of achievement to take with them into their future roles. Meanwhile your school benefits from trained peer supporters. We enable students with a wide range of abilities to undertake this course.

Information pack

Childcare minister Sam Gyimiah recently told a select committee that introducing peer to peer support networks in schools will form part of the government efforts to improve the mental health of young people. “Often, whether it is bullying or some of the things that cause [mental health problems] in the first place, young people are there and they see it happening to their friends’ he said.

Our training course can formalise the good work of your peer mentors and give them a recognised qualification for their work.




Our policies related to all courses can be downloaded here


Understanding Cyberbullying
& e-safety.

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  • Is bullying different in cyberspace?
  • Relevant law and Ofsted requirements
  • Policy and procedures
  • Real life cases
  • Prevent and deal with sexting, selfies, parents and more.

This course is offered by author and CPD accredited trainer, Adrienne Katz.  Adrienne has studied the online experiences of young people nine years and brings a wealth of experience in training school staff.

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Candidates who have completed the course:

‘Adrienne’s presentation was really interesting and obviously from a great deal of work and research’. Middlesbrough College.
‘I think that everything that happened today was useful.’ (Norfolk)

‘Very informative course. Lots of information provided. Lots to think about when I go back to school.’

‘Very committed presenter. Practical, which is what teachers need.’ Drumcondra Education Centre

‘Cyberbullying and e-safety: what educators and other professionals need to know.’

‘Making your primary school e-safe’

‘Making your secondary school e-safe’
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