The Bullying Intervention Group runs the national award scheme to recognise excellence in bullying intervention. Whether your school or service is at the start of your journey or advanced, we can help with the latest in research, best practice, news updates, training and resources.

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Manchester 22nd May.
How do we talk to our children?

1.Resources to support children and young people after terrorist attacks from the PSHE Association

2.Discussing violence from the Centre for Social and Emotional Education Download pdf

3. Slides to discuss why bad things happen, by John Khan

4. Tony Walsh reads a poem at the Vigil. Video Clip

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Our members are offered discounts on our conference and training programme.

We offer accredited training courses and an exciting, cutting edge annual conference where you can meet other members, get the latest updates and hear about innovative practice.

Your school or service an work towards the award with our careful feedback, news updates about everything in this field and examples from others.

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